How To Get Started

There are a number of industry requirements to become a new mortgage broker.
One of these requirements is that you have a recognised mentor for the first two years.

Certificate IV

This is the minimum entry requirement. You need to complete your Cert 4 in Mortgage Broking prior to commencing mentoring and before you can become a mortgage broker.


An aggregator is your gateway to the banks and lenders you will become accredited with to get a loan for your customers. We are happy to give you a list of Aggregator Relationship Managers to talk to.

National Police Check

You will be able to easily find this on line.


This is your industry body. There will be a compliance course to complete (usually on line within 1 day) and then membership.


This is your external dispute resolution body.


You need to provide a brief background of your employment history.


A copy of your credit file. You can get this online or we can do it for you here for $10.


A clear copy will be required for Aggregator and Industry Body.

Get in touch with us to start your mentoring journey


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