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  • Veronica Colliver
    WOW! What a motivating and Passionate delivery by Tracie Palmer. The course content was informative and demonstrated the knowledge and experience Tracie has gained in the Broker industry which saw her win the MFAA Broker of the year 2 years in a row. Tracie is very generous with her ideas, is keen to share her successes and her interactive sessions meant we became empowered to do our best with delivering the exceptional service needed to creating the avenues to becoming a successful Broker in this competitive market. The training she delivers gives you some insight into the highs and lows on the mortgage market. The course content was well documented, for example detailing the topics to discuss and structure for planned meetings with stakeholders, you gain a complete holistic understanding of how to succeed with your own pathway to success. Every session was motivating and positive and made me feel realistic about the approaches to take... I would recommend this to anyone who wants to stimulate their own business to take up the challenge – and improve your business!
    Veronica Colliver
    LJ Hooker Finance Brisbane North
  • I have been participating in Tracie Palmers Finance broker mentoring program for the last twelve months. During this time, I have seen that Tracie is passionate about training new industry participants and remains just as enthusiastic about maintaining her own broking business. Tracie has put effort into structuring her mentoring program so that she does not focus purely on training how to write a loan but rather extends training to cover business coaching. Tracie provides her mentees with tools, tips and contacts to build and grow a successful and professional finance broking business. The training is backed up with opportunities to see and hear firsthand how Tracie practices the same principles she trains within her own business. Following Tracies business principles is a guaranteed way to increase your clientele. Steve Toth
  • Tracie and the team at Cornerstone mentoring have a wealth of experience and knowledge as mortgage brokers & business owner. Tracie runs an amazing workshop style mentoring program where it brings new brokers together to engage in intensive training regarding all types of scenarios and the industry in general. With their support & guidance my business has seen huge success and growth in the last two years. We have recently hired two new brokers. They are also being mentored by Trade. It gives me the peace of mind that they are getting the best training and support in the industry. So, I can focus to grow and continue to improve my business. Tracie is the best in the business with proven record and has achieved great success in mortgage broking industry, which I hope to achieve through her guidance. Rakesh Basavaraju
  • Nick Spaggiari
    I write this with great respect and appreciation for my mentor, Tracie Palmer at Cornerstone Home Loans. The quality and value that I’ve received from the mentoring program is, I’m certain, the best of the best in this industry. It has been one of the most worth-while decisions for myself personally and for our new company. The knowledge and experience gained from my mentoring is priceless and as an added bonus, character building too. I realize that there’s a season to everything but in my heart I wish to remain in close touch with Tracie and her team long-term. I always look forward to my mentoring, in one way I wish that mentoring was mandatory on a permanent basis!
    Nick Spaggiari
    Giari Finance
  • Naomi Sekeres
    I want to thank you for sharing your business knowledge and ‘know how’ with new brokers like myself and inspiring us to be better than we could even imagine. As I continue my journey in my own business and I reflect on the past two years I can really see how important and instrumental your mentoring has been to my current success and for that I want to thank you with deep appreciation. It has been a real pleasure learning from you.
    Naomi Sekeres
    Every Stage Finance
  • I would like to nominate Tracie Palmer from Cornerstone for the fabulous Mentoring Program she has created for new brokers. I personally did my initial training with Aussie, and felt I needed further mentoring once I left and was fortunate enough to be introduced to Tracie. I immediately knew I wanted to learn from this successful business woman. I am just outside of my 1st year of owning and running my own business, and have implemented many of the customer service systems that Cornerstone teach the Mentees about. I have been developing these systems over the last year and spent a lot of implementing the customer service and marketing side of things that I was taught to do throughout my mentoring year. Although a long road, I was always 100% optimistic that the work would pay off. I have now started doing some great numbers and can see that by following the processes’ of Cornerstone, my business is now starting to take off. Lodgements last month of over $5million and heading towards a similar figure this month. I will be happy with a $3m average and feel that this is achievable. I have employed the services of a loan processor and plan to take on a personal assistant for data entry soon. I have Tracie and her team to thank for my success so far, as she teaches all of her mentees to go above and beyond for all of our customers. People buy people not rates. Cornerstone have taught me how to create Finance solutions for my customers that exceed their expectations. Michelle Ryan  
  • The first time I engaged Tracie Palmer from Cornerstone Mentoring to mentor me was in 2012. I have been a broker since 2004. Even though I write a reasonable volume alone, I was always looking to expand and do more with my work. I was pregnant at that time and was not sure whether it is even possible to expand. Tracie motivated me, she gave me a lot of confident, kept me focused and she made it all happened for me. With her help and her coaching, I was able to train a new broker and he is still now one of my brokers. I was also moved up in the sales master's list within Plan Australia, from Sales Master to the Platinum Sales Master. She identified opportunities for me, and made me believe I can do it. She developed a plan for me, and made sure I completed and reached each milestone. Tracie has built my confident as a business owner. With her guidance and help, I now have an office (after working 12 years from home), 3 brokers and 2 ad min staffs. Without her guidance, I will not be where I am now. I am very inspired by Tracie. She motivated me even when she is not always with me through her actions. She is always so helpful and responsive. Liz Zaki
  • Kristy Okkonen
    I have been mentoring with Tracie for over 6 months now and through her program and guidance I have been able to not only grown my knowledge and understanding of the Finance Industry but my business as well. I started out in finance broking with no prior experience or exposure to the industry and needed someone with the knowledge and experience to be able to take me from a complete novice to someone who can hit the ground running and act with confidence when dealing with clients, colleagues and lenders. Tracie has not only been willing to share her years of experience with me but also been there to support me through anything and everything that has come up through my journey so far. She demonstrates great leadership skills and has the ability to reassure and guide her mentees through their scenarios and deals. It is evident that Tracie has invests many hours in developing what I consider to be a whole package mentoring system that is capable of taking any and all brokers to the next level of their business regardless of their knowledge and experience. I believe what is offered in Tracie's program is industry leading and that is why I chose to engage her services. This program has far outdone my expectations to date and I look forward to working with Tracie for the remaining term of my program and well in to the future.
    Kristy Okkonen
    Alliance Broking
  • Helen Morgan
    Your coaching has encouraged me to know my own potential and also the confidence to “ask for the business”. I partner with my LJ Hooker Principals to set achievable goals and allow me access to their landlords and tenants as well as attending open homes on the weekend. Your mentoring is paying off with a marked increase in the number of referrals I am now receiving from my Franchise Owners and staff. I have also set achievable goals for my business and am looking forward to working towards achieving these goals.
    Helen Morgan
    LJ Hooker Finance Special Projects
  • Ditte Westbury
    Tracie Palmer is my Mortgage Broking Mentor and without her I really do not know what I would do. When you are a new broker everything is very complicated and in some ways scary. Having a mentor that you can call and ask questions to is so valuable. Tracie and her team are understanding and kind, they always have time to explain things to you and never seem to mind the continuous phone calls. The wealth of knowledge that Tracie has is quite amazing, I don't think there is a question that you could ask Tracie that she couldn't answer. She is also very compassionate and caring and makes you feel that it is really important for her that you do well and succeed.
    Ditte Westbury
    Viking Mortgages
  • I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for all your time, effort, wisdom and resources you and your team have invested over the last couple of years. When shopping around for suitable mentors, a lot wanted me to quit my full time job and start broking straight away which I wasn't prepared to do. Your approach and flexibility to your mentoring gave me the ability to juggle both full time work while taking the leap into an unfamiliar industry. If I didn't have that option, I may not have taken the leap in the first place. For this I am very grateful. Your knowledge and networking contacts you have acquired over the many years and passed onto your mentees was absolutely priceless for a new broker. I can see it benefiting many more mentees in the future. Thank you again for everything, I will be recommending yourself to any new potential brokers I cross paths with as my small way to repay you for your time. All the best for yourself and your team. They are all amazing and lovely people as well. Cameron Gough
  • Brad East
    When I was looking for a mentor, I was after a structured, well organised course by an industry leader, I found just that when I signed up with Tracie Palmer. Tracie has been absolutely fantastic over the last 7 months that I have been in the course. She always answers the questions asked by her mentees no matter how small or complex they are. This is extremely important in the early days when entering a new industry, the uncertainty can be very daunting, but Tracie has made the transition for me very easy. Tracie teaches the mentees the entire process from the first phone call to the post settlement activities, she also teaches communication skills that can help secure a deal. When I lodged my first deal I received a phone call from the assessor to ask a couple of questions and he mentioned how well structured my submission notes were and that this help get the deal across the line. Without Tracie teaching me the importance of the notes I don't believe I would have got this across the line. I currently have a conversion rate of 100% for all deals lodged and I have Tracie to thank. I would recommend this course not just to anyone wanting to join the mortgage broker industry, but to anyone also wanting to be an industry leader themselves one day!
    Brad East
    Wise Guy Finance
  • Bob Campbell
    The day you think you know it all is the day you need to wake up to the fact that you don’t. Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know and attending this course can ram that home. I certainly took good things away from it and saw ways that I can do certain things better than what I have done in the past.
    Bob Campbell
  • Andrew Crowther
    Tracie Palmer has been my mentor for the last 2 years. Tracie has always been co-operative and willing to assist no matter how big or small the issue has been during my developing stages of the Finance business. She has provided me with the skills and knowledge base that I have needed to take my business from start up to a successful business franchise within the LJ Hooker Finance System. I have been nominated as the AMA Young Gun of the Year, and have been on the Plan Australia sales master’s list for the past 6 months. Tracie has a positive attitude and passion for the business which is infectious. After a meeting with Tracie, I leave invigorated, and ready to implement her many successful strategies for gaining and keeping clients. Tracie has many systems in place that are very helpful in guiding a person, new to the industry. These systems are the best practices of the industry, and have been learnt from Tracie’s many years as a very successful Business owner. I now see Tracie as a personal friend, one who is thoughtful and giving of herself and her experiences. I am only too happy to recommend Tracie in her new Business coaching role.
    Andrew Crowther
    Sunnybank Hills Financial Services
  • Alex Solti
    I would personally like to thank Tracie Palmer from the Cornerstone Group, and the Mentor program. I was very reluctant to initially go through any mentoring program, having been involved in sales, business and finance for over 20 years undertaking various training programmes over these years, the last thing I wanted to do was another long sales course taking up my busy time ... how wrong I was. The training and interaction we receive throughout this program and information each day has been most invaluable for any new mortgage broker. The guest speakers from various lenders and institutions have been very informative and essential for anyone starting out in this very competitive market. Tracie has always been available assisting with advice and knowledge to help grow our business and encourage any new Broker to get on board with this training program. Thanks again to all the staff from Cornerstone who also are a big part of the success with this program.
    Alex Solti
    Future Funding

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